Small numbers between script and ggB

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For positive and negative small numbers, the algorithm from @Michael Borcherds noo () works!!!

82368bb376812f41fb6202aa896cf710@rami: In you offered JS: import/export matrix a convenient matrix exchange between script and ggB. However, there is a problem with small numbers:

It works for positive small numbers, but for negative - noo doesn"t work!!!

@Michael Borcherds: please make a uniform version for GG5 and GG6 getValueString ("M_1", true)or getValueString("M_1") with or without the extension , or both!

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try this, please give feedback

Requirement: all elements are numeric

Restriction: changes global rounding to 2 (changeable, but not dynamic)


Hi, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8a521a2bf2b1d62ba07767f03a64fa30Please, explain

1. why is the extension: getValueString("M_1", false) false, what does it affect? I experimented with true the result is the same.

2. Why do I need the setRounding commands (I removed them), actually rounding to 15 characters!


1.) false say "use english commands" and is default in ggb-6.0, but not in all versions of ggb-5.0 and can (not must) produce a syntax error if not explicit given.

2.) I recommend not to delete the first "ggbApplet.setRounding("15d")". It does no harm, but it is more robust (if the user do intervention in the options)


Note: the decisive correction was: "m2 = m2.replace(/e/g, "E")"

the notation of floating point in GGB is an upercase "E"


Thank you very much, I understand! Now everything is working.

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