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gladson_11 shared this question 3 years ago

When we implement the parameterized curve f (t) = t-sin (t), g (t) = 1-cos (t), h (t) = 0 and define it in a given interval (a, b) the trajectory from point (c) from 0 to approximately 3 does not appear when controlling the movement by the slider, a fact that does not happen when I insert point (c) with the animate feature. would that be a slider bug?

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Hi gladson_11!

I guess that this is a misunderstanding of the parameter.

Your slider represents a pathparameter and so it ranges from 0 up to 1, where 0 should be the beginning of your curve and 1 the end.

Look at the attached file.

Maybe that I'm wrong and misunderstand you, but maybe not and this answer will help you.

Kind regards



Hi, mire2!

Thank you very much. I did not know this command, but I found it very useful!

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