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Weltler Rezső shared this question 5 years ago

Hi, I'm a newbie in Geogebra, so excuse me please if my question is trivial for you.

I use Geogebra Classic 6 on desktop.

I've tried to use the feature making an angle that changes with slider based on the tutorial video on YouTube, but it doesn't work! I named the angle slider with greak "alpha" and wanted give the same name of the created angle, Geogebra changes this name automatically to another, for example "alpha1" and so the angle cannot be controlled with the slider.

Please do help me!

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Valóban nem lehet két dolognak azonos a neve, de a "látványt" tudom módosítani a "címke" beállításával:

Például ezt a munkalapot csináltam neked.


Dear Noel,

thanks for your promt answer, I tried it out, and - it works!

Kedves SzZsiga 41,

neked külön köszönöm a szemléletes példát is!


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