size of police for the "text" tools

gdurieux shared this idea 10 years ago

Hi all,

I'm french occupationnal therapist and i use GeoGebra for my job since many years now.

At each new version, i discover the new possibilities and options.

I have a request for the futur about the size of the police for the "text" tool.

NOw (version 4.0.41) i can choose between few options. I think the "small" size is small so no problem but i think the ''average" size is too much big. So i think we have too much difference between "small" and average.

I think it can be good if the "average size" will be more small in the futur.

Thank you for your cooperation

Guillaume Durieux

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version 4.2 (which is now Release Candidate) allows you to specify a percentage for the dimension of texts, so you can fully customize them as per your needs.

You can download this version following the links in this page:




Perfect !!

Thanks for your quick answer.

Guillaume Durieux

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