Size of objects changes on Image Viewer and Gimp

tjaard shared this question 9 years ago

Howdy there,

I am having trouble getting my GeoGebra files in the intended size on Image Viewer, or Gimp. After having constructed my objects regarding the lengths and angles I desire, I export the file as .png , but when viewing in the named programs, and looking at the print preview, the objects have been shrunken. This surprises me because I had done the same steps before already without this difficulty.

After passing way too much time on fidgeting around, repeating the same faults over and over, I would please like help on this subject. So I precice my questions:

How do you keep the intended size in a ggb file when exported in Image viewer (even in the export window I do cm 1:1 , but that doesn't seem to suffice...)?

How do I load this images in Gimp without losing size, either?

I can't imagine being the only one that uses these two programs together, so If you've got the answer, don't hesitate to help ;)

Thanks a bunch,


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Hi there

I am new here,so i am not so familiar with GeoGebra.However,i usually do the image issues using another image processing control.It supports to change the image

size in the image online viewer.But i've never tried GIMP.I don't know the method to load image in Gimp.I think there must be a third party program which supports to

change the size and load the image at one time.Best wishes.

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