Sir, Is it possible to include "Geometry Construction Tools Like Compass, Rule, etc.,"

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Dear Sir,

To explain Geometry Constructions using Geometry Box tools like 1) Compass, 2) Ruler, 3) Protractor, and

4) Setsquares to the students, Is it possible to include them in the tool bar of Geogebra (A great educational program me) just like in "Interactive white board soft wares". If possible I request you for the inclusion of above tools.

With regards,

Raja Gopal, Maths Lecturer.

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Or maybe add an optional visual rendering when using ggb tools corresponding to Compass - Ruler ...


Thanks,The tools are very useful to explain the original construction procedure with virtual

components in a clear way.

With regards.

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Hi. What about to do this new tool together? Check out my idea here.

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