Simplify Term that is a text by CAS

Birgit Lachner shared this question 5 years ago

I can do by hand, of cause, if I write the term in the CAS but is there any possibilty to show a simplified term in the graphic view using the CAS in the background to simplify a term that is given as a text?

Here is the file, where I want to use it:

Thanks, Birgit

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Hmm ... locks interessting. I will have a look at the code!



Here is a simple trial to simplify term that are created randomly.

At the moment it works properly, but I got sometime functions created from the term sometime the error message that the variable a is not defined ... but at the moment it works.

BTW: Okay, it works via JS but are there plans to use a simple command to pass a text to the CAS to simplify it?


You need to use English command names in the scripting:

  1. ggbApplet.evalCommand('$1 = Vereinfache['+term+']');
  2. ggbApplet.evalCommand('$2 = Numerisch['+term+']');

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