Silhouette visualization mode in 3D

hjbortol shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

It would be nice if GeoGebra could render a 3D object showing its silhouette. See, for example, the same question for Asymptote: Thanks!

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Why do you need this?

Do you want to be able to project an object onto a plane, or something else?


I use them to make illustrations. The default GeoGebra 3D rendering output is dense in general while the silhouette is a simple black line art rendering that allows to include math notation atop easily.

Here are some examples implemented in WebGL (I guess):



We've made some tries in the past that was looking like the sample you give, but we were not very satisfied. Among all it was not rendering normal discontinuities (see e.g. the teapot spout basis).

On the other hand, if focusing on generating bitmaps, we can try another approach which needs post-processing on z-buffer and normal fields -- but we have no plan doing this for now ;)

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