Show/hide on context menu; ctrl vs cmd vs shift

jjohnson shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

1) In the Geometry app, could we please have the "show/hide" option back, on the context menu that appears when right-clicking an object?

I used to use that menu item all the time, and it's immensely frustrating to not have it right there, and having to expand the "Settings" panel (which takes up half my screen!) just to hide a point or line seems ridiculous.

2) Could we please have the modifier keys mapped to their standard meanings on each platform? For example, on the Mac, in most apps Shift is used for selecting multiple items at once, Ctrl+click is for bringing up context menus, and Cmd+click is used for modifying the selection by adding/removing single items. It's disorienting to have to re-learn the weird assignments GeoGebra makes every time I go into GeoGebra, when I'm already programmed to use what's standard on the OS.

General comment:

I appreciate all the dev work that's gone into GeoGebra over the years; I've used it for over eight years in my classes, and it added a lot to my classes. However, I was talking with a colleague this morning, and we came to the realization that we've both been using GeoGebra much less this year (for our geometry classes) because of the changes to the interface that have happened; it just feels too cumbersome for us to use, now. (And this is across platforms; I'm a Mac and Windows user, and my colleague uses Windows and Chromebooks.)

I will try and post other specific examples as I think of them, since I know it doesn't help anybody for me to simply stop using the app without saying why. I hope this information is helpful to the dev team.


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