Show only positive area of inequality

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I posted this about a week ago but did not get the answer I was looking for as I wasn't very clear in my question.

We have a word problem that students need to graph two inequalities on one graph. There are two input boxes for them to use. The inequality they need to graph is how many treats and how many toys they can purchase with their money. Because of this word problem, the inequality cannot be negative, and should only show shaded area on quadrant 1.

I know how to show only the positive area, but I do not want students to have to enter the extra "...x > 0 && y > 0".

Ideally, they should only have to enter an inequality, i.e. x + y >= 15, and the shaded area and line would only show in quadrant 1.


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Something like this? (see attached file)

Basically the inequality that they enter is stored in a (and modified in the input box), but the displayed area is the one stored in b, that is defined as:

a && x>0 && y>0

So you just need to hide a and show b.

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