Sharing Worksheets ?

bjhenders88 shared this question 3 years ago

I have a large number of Worksheets (~100+) that I want to share. They are disorganized, cover a variety of topics, and have warts. Some were born messy, some achieved messiness, and some had messiness thrust upon them. I had imagined supplying their raison d'être and having beautiful class notes that would clearly explain them. Today I had a brush with reality and realized that is not going to happen. Belief in organization is the opiate of the masses.

Can I share them in bulk? Do I have to share them one-by-one? Can I put them into a single book in bulk and share the book? Not overworking me is a good idea. What would you suggest other than exercising, eating prudently, avoiding vices, sleeping all night, getting my act together, and organizing, editing, cleaning up the Worksheets,and flushing them?

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Add them to a book and share that is easiest

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