Sharing Editable GeoGebra Files Using the Web App Alone

harrytomalley shared this question 8 years ago
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Hi Everyone,

So, here's what I am trying to do:

1. Create a GeoGebra construction using the web app version of GeoGebra while on an iPad and save it to GeoGebraTube.

2. Send a link to my students (via email or posted to my notes page) that, when clicked, opens the fully editable version of my file in the web app version of GeoGebra in the browser of their iPad.


I know how to complete step #1, so I don't need any help there. I am looking for help completing #2.

I can get close to the effect I want in two different ways, but neither solution is desirable. Here they are, just so you know what I've tried.:

A. Once I save the file to GeoGebraTube, I can then click "File -> Open", touch the file with my finger, and choose "View", which opens the limited-edit, student-worksheet version of the file in my browser. This file has a unique URL associated with it, which I can copy and paste into an email to send to my students. The problem is, when the students open the link, they are taken (predictably) to the limited-edit, student-worksheet version of the file, not the fully editable version, and there is no link on the page to open the fully editable version.

B. Here's a workaround, but it's not as direct as I would like. After I create and save the file to GeoGebraTube, I simply send my students the name of my file. Then they open the web app version of GeoGebra in their iPad browser, go to "File->Open" and search for my file (which hopefully I've named uniquely enough to not match other documents with similar names). Then they open it that way.

This method gets the job done, but it means that my students have to go through 8 steps (read my file name, go to, click "Start Creating", click "File->Open", type in the name of my file, click search, click on the file name, click edit) instead of 1 (click the link that I send them) in order to open the file.

This also means that if they then want to turn the fully editable version into me, they would have to send me the name of their file, and then I would have to go through the same 8 steps for each student in order to look at the files.


Does anyone know how I can quickly and efficiently share fully editable versions of GeoGebra files with my students when both parties are using the web app, browser version of GeoGebra only?

Thanks in advance.


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