SetValue[ T, LaTex[ Object( lg(2) ) ] ] = lg(2) instead of log_{10}(2)

Aritmometer shared this problem 2 years ago
Not a Problem

f(x) = lg(2)

In the algebra window it’s shown as log_{10}(2).

Make a new LaTex text element and name it T.

If you insert an empty field in it and write f, it will show log_{10}(2).

If you insert an empty field in it and write “LaTex[ Object(f) ]”, it will show log_{10}(2).

But if you create a button and write “SetValue[ T, LaTex[ Object(f) ] ]” under click script, then the text field will show “lg(2)” instead when the button is clicked on.

I’ll suggest someone get it fixed.

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There's a recent change in the use of logaritms in GeoGebra. Before you had to type log_10( ) to work in base 10, since log( ) meant ln ( ) as it is common in programming but not in the classroom...Now log( ) is equal to log_10 and all three expressions log_10( ), log( ) and lg( ) calculate the logaritm in base 10, which fits with what students learn in school.




Yes, but why not make it possible to get log() or log_10() shown in a text object when using a click script ?


Please post your .ggb file

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