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I have been following the guide "; which worked fine until step 6.

  • I did this: File -> Import -> Gradle -> Gradle project
  • I did this: Select the "geogebra" folder from the workspace (i. e., enter something like C:\workspace\geogebra for Root folder).
  • This does not exist in Eclipse IDE 4.9.0: Click on "Build model".
  • This is where I am stuck: This step will take a while since many extra packages will be downloaded. Most of them are related with Gradle or some essential dependencies for GeoGebra including JavaCC, JOGL, JLaTeXmath, Giac and others. These external libraries will be saved into Gradle’s internal folders. You will need about 120 MB extra disk space for this half-step.

The step does not seem to download anything. The packages in the workspace have errors, most of them related to non-existence of the "import org.geogebra.common.kernel.parser.Parser" java class which from reading somewhere else comes from Parser.jj with the help of JavaCC.

Any ideas about how I can resolve this?


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You can take a look at this repository. I generate a bundle with an example index.html.

Nevertheless I am stuck! I will be happy to understand why the Javascript generated by

./gradlew :web:prepareS3Upload :web:createDraftBundleZip :web:mergeDeploy -Pgdraft=true -Pgdetailed=true does not work.

Setting GWT to org.wisepersist.gradle.plugins.gwt.Style.DETAILED

or org.wisepersist.gradle.plugins.gwt.Style.PRETTY with or without disableClassMetadata = true

results in .js code that fails to run complaining about missing function definition for function defineClasses. I guess the reason is because some files miss an initial web3d.onScriptDownloaded function that will trigger the right loading order of scripts. Any enlightenment from the institutional development team?

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