Setting rights for GeoGebraBooks for several users is a hazzle

themadmathematician shared this problem 6 years ago

We (Nordic GeoGebra Network) are currently working collaboratively on a GeoGebraBook with 4 chapters and 10-15 users who should be editors of every worksheet. But since each worksheet has it's own management right settings this is really akward to manage. It would be better if rights could be inherited from chapters and book.

And we aren't completely comfortable using the editing links. We'd prefer to have rights set to the book directly. Is there a way to do this? If not, then this is a stumbling block for users trying to collaborate. Also, these editing links are also for each worksheet, and not for the entire book - or are we missing something?

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did you create a Group for these users? Then on the Materials tab of the group you can allow group members to edit. If you allow group to edit a book it allows the members to also edit materials in that book that you own.




Aha! Not obvious. Will try tomorrow. Thanks!

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