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Is there a way to set a path parameter of a point so that it can be moved after setting the parameter?

I would like to place selectable number of movable points along a curve (from a script, when the number of points is selected from a list).

If I use Point(curve), all points are placed at the same position.

If I use Point(curve, parameter), then the point is not movable along the curve.

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use a slider and Point(curve or list , slider) like in

Files: foro.ggb

Not sure, maybe you mean this (or similar)

Alternative: the points exists allway but a part is hidden and the rest is placed new.


Thank you for both replies.

To mathmagic: a slider is indeed a solution, but it is not really the same functionality as moving the points themselves

To rami: Indeed, this is what I was looking for. It is strange though. If I define a point with Point(curve,parameter), I get a non-movable point at the right position. If I define a point using A=Point(curve) and then I redefine it using SetValue(A,Point(curve,parameter)), I get a movable point at the right position. I am not sure about the inner structure of geogebra, but this looks like unintentional to me (and I did not find this documented). Instead of this approach, can a "SetPathParameter" command be implemented (a PathParameter command already exist that can read the value)?



SetPathParameter() NOT exist

PathParameter( <Point On Path> ) est pour lire le PathParameter

SetCoords( <PointObjectName>, <x-coord>, <y-coord> )

est égal à

SetValue(<PointObjectName>, <PointValue>)


Si le point est lié à un path, alors le point suivant sur le path vers la PointValue s'applique.

Si vous ne voulez pas vraiment y croire (ou ils ont juste le PathParameterNew), vous pouvez écrire :

SetValue(<PointObjectName>, Point(<PathName>, <PathParameterValueNew>)))

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