SetConditionToShowObject vs SetVisibleInView for visibility of object.

Math123 shared this question 3 years ago

Which command is better to lower the calculation in script.

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Settings -> Advanced -> Condition to Show Object is better if possible (then no scripting at all)


Thanks for the reply Michael,

In my project i have a lot of scripting for every objects. And projects becomes very slow. I wanted to know better way or command to hide objects until i needed. It make my project less heavy. My PC is very fast everything runs fine just project run very slow and sliders are slow.

I have tried both commands but found no effect, performance of project is slow.

Pls suggest the better solution. scripting makes project slow. I want to hide objects which not needed at some event in a sense that will not part of calculation.


Also pls pls suggest which way better creating 10 sliders for 10 events. or one slider for 10 events but one slider mean more script.

Also i have tried both still performance is same. but 10 sliders for 10 events make scripting easy remove errors.

If you have any better solution pls suggest.

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