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Derek Messenger shared this question 2 years ago
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Hello Geogebra Team,

I am a high school math teacher and in charge of our math department technology integrations. I thought Geogebra would be helpful (and I loved it myself for years), so I introduced it and made it a part of our curriculum. It has been a nightmare.

We are having major struggles doing so because of the geogebra servers it appears.


I try to ask a question in the help section, but that cannot happen either. The circle spins and spins and the following message appears.


I have made investigations a few days prior to a lesson, and most of the time, a few days later, it's gone and I get server errors. We tried Geogebra and because of that, we are wasting A LOT of time making all these investigations all for nothing. This happened TODAY after making the lesson on the link YESTERDAY. What is the problem? How can it be resolved?

Things need to go smoothly or it will not work in a classroom.

Initially, I was sold after pretty much sticking to Geometer's Sketchpad. However, I have been having MAJOR problems with Geogebra's functionality to a point of bailing on the entire effort and finding something somewhere with a server that can handle a classroom load.

I used to be a big supporter of your content.

What happened??

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Frustrated [trying hard to be a supporter and being denied],


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