Sequence of vectors makes a sequence of points instead.

Timo Budarz shared this problem 4 years ago

When I type the following code, I expect to see vectors from the origin to the grid of points defined by the nested sequences: list1:=Sequence[Sequence[Vector[(i, j)],i,-5,5],j,-5,5]

Instead I get points where the heads of the vector arrows should be. I suspect this is an error with GeoGebra, but let me know if it's my code.

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what looks strange: if you type Sequence[Sequence[Vector[(i, j)],i,-5,5],j,-5,5] in the Input bar, you get what you want: a sequence of vectors, drawn in the Graphics and defined in the Algebra View as a list.

Bur if you type list1:=Sequence[Sequence[Vector[(i, j)],i,-5,5],j,-5,5] in CAS you get a list of points, the same as if you type the command Sequence[Sequence[Vector[(i, j)],i,-5,5],j,-5,5] in CAS without list1:=

So CAS and Input bar indeed define different types of objects with the same command.


Files: list.ggb

Thanks, we'll check:


Please try the new version (5.0.351.0)

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