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geouser shared this question 12 years ago

Hello, everybody,

I've inserted a geogebra file in a moodle course, but I would like my students to modify it and send the result to the teacher of the course. The problem is that the student must save the file in his hard disk and then send it.

Could anybody tell me how can I insert a ggb file so that the student could send the result without saving it in his computer?

This would avoid students "copying" their files and not doing de homework themselves...

Thank you very much in advance!

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Hi ...

at first you need to know, that the moodle-plugin is not suported by the geogebra-programmers. It is the product of a geogebra fan.

And no ... as I know moodle, too, there isn't a possibility to save the file directly.

If you coose "show menu" at the exporting-dialogue the pupil should be able to save the file they create and then upload it.

Regards, Birgit


Thank you very much!

Yes, that's exactly what I was afraid of....

We'll trust on our students, then.


Ask in this thread:

It is already very close to offering what you want (students could save it as eg triangle_tony_blair)

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