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With my app used to create GeoGebra files (I want to say GeoGebra 5), i (very) often select objects (for example to change properties of all selected objects)

I can select in Algebra view (or properties window) with Cmd (on my Mac), or i can select in graphics with drawing a rectangle with Ctrl (see screenshots)



How can i do the same with GeoGebra 6 ?

Files: test.ggb

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1 has a Select Objects tool and you can drag with the right-hand mouse button in


Ok selecting objects works now with the last version of GeoGebra 6 (4 february 2020)

(but only select in graphics, not in Algebra view)

Selecting with rectangle doesn't work in GeoGebra 6 (Mac + trackpad)


With GeoGebra 6 on Mac :

• In Algebra view, we can select objects with ctrl (sorry, i made a mistake in my post above)

(also consecutive objects with shift)

• We can select objects in Graphics also with ctrl


Selecting rectangle with TrackPad is strange

After testing (...) :

hold alt, then clic in graphics and immediately draw the rectangle with TrackPad

The rectangle is drawn, BUT objects are not selected ! (so it doesn't work...)


Thanks for the hint. Of course being on a mac I do not have an alt button, but it worked with option and a 3-fingered drag. The immediately is important: it takes some practice to get into the 3-fingered drag quickly enough after tapping - it feels like you have about a tenth of a second! It does work for me because I am not trying to select objects, but rather specify exactly which piece of the graphics view to export as a .png.

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