Selecting Non-Adjacent Spreadsheet Columns

richard2614 shared this question 2 years ago
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I'm using these two versions of Geogebra:

Version: 6.0.574.0-offline (19 Feb 2020)

Version: 6.0.574.0-w (19 Feb 2020)

I'm having the same problem with both of these versions.

I cannot select non-adjacent spreadsheet cells unless, as a test, I choose only a few cells. Even then, when I right-click to create a graph from the cells, the selection disappears.

My actual problem is that I have 60 rows in the spreadsheet. I wish to select two non-adjacent columns. So I first select the first column by clicking its first cell and then enter ctrl-shift-downArrow. This selects 60 cells in the first columns. Then I hold down the control key and click the first cell of the non-adjacent column I wish to select. Unfortunately, this causes the first column to lose its selection.

I've searched Google for an answer, and it appears I'm doing this correctly. Please advise.

If this is a bug, do you have a workaround?


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