Selecting Multiple Objects Does Not Work

harrytomalley shared this question 5 years ago

In the browser based version of GeoGebra, using the rectangle select tool to try to select multiple objects does not work. It only selects one object each time. The same goes for holding down Shift or Ctrl to try to select multiple objects in the graphics view (I can't remember which one does it and I can't test it because neither works right now). A third way multiple objects can normally be selected is through the algebra window. In the past, selecting one object and then selecting another one that is further down the list while holding the Shift key would highlight all of the objects between them. This no longer works either. Strange thing on this one is that if you continue to hold Shift and click the second one again, it does work.

I have tried these things on both a Mac and PC using the Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers.

In short, the multiple select functioning is not working in any way.

I've included a screenshot of a rectangle selection only selecting one object for illustration.

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Thanks, we'll check!


Thanks, Michael.

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