select Button Object in output object of custom tools

chen chao shared this question 9 months ago


Can I select the button in Output Objects of Create Tools, there is not button object in drop-down list of the output objects

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The button has no dependency to any objects. Therefore it does not appear in the output drop-down list..

And even if it were possible to specify the button as output: Scripts cannot be created with User Tool.


Thank you very much! In fact, the feature I want most is that the customization tool can support script function. I wonder if there is a way to achieve this in custom tools


Yes, that would be a very useful opportunity. But I think, it will not be realized in the foreseeable future.


If instead of a request for a new feature you describe here a concrete application (without solution, only the problem/appplication) then the forum might find another/specific solution.

Example for an application without solution: Points are randomly distributed. It should be possible that the user can look up the environment/variables (for example, an associated value) of a specific point.

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