Segment with given length and direction

kestrange shared this idea 13 years ago

The "Segment with given length from point"-tool constructs a point on a circle with the given length as radius.

I would like to have at tool for constructing a segment with a given length and direction.

As an alternative it could be a new Angle-tool: Select two points and then input an angle and a distance to the new point.

I know I can make such a tool myself, but I think it should be part of the standard-tools of GeoGebra.



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You must design the tool with independant (free) objects

1) make a number a (the length)

2) make an angle α

3) make a point A

4) create the target : B:A+(a;α)

Make the tool with :

1) final object B

2) original objects : A, a and α (help string : Point, length, angle)

3) Name it Segment2

Using the tool :

1)Make a Point Exemple

2)Make a number b

3)Make an angle β

4) Make Exemple_1 : Segment2[Exemple,b,β]

I just realized you want a segment not a point, so make that target object as :



Using B=A+(length;angle) or Segment(A,A+(length;angle) is a very good idea :)

But I still think that this tool could easily be incorporated in one of the existing GeoGebra standard tools (or added as a new tool). The most obvious choice probably is the "Angle with given size"-tool, here we just need to add an option to enter the distance to the new point.




How do you create such a tool?

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