Segment Decoration in the Graphics View ?

jackyjoy123 shared this question 2 years ago


I am trying to set the decoration (tick mark) of a segment in Graphics View while also having 3D Graphics View open.

When I click on the Settings of the segment, then Style, the the Decoration option is missing.

However, if I run the SetDecoration Command I can still set decoration in Graphics.

Is the only way to set a decoration of a segment in Graphics to run the SetDecoration Command? If the command works, how come the Decoration option under Style does not appear when editing the settings of the segment in Graphics?



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it works fine for me if the points A,B have three coordinates the segment has not decoration but when the extremes of segment have two coordinates the segment has


Fine for me too, on Classic 5, 6 and Calculator.

Which app are you using? (app name, version, OS)

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