Sectors are NOT appearing in applet and are layered correctly

tbrzezinski shared this question 4 years ago

Hey team,

When you get a chance, would you please look into why the pink sectors aren't showing up on the screen? They are layered correctly (at level 1 -- so they are visible). Both files have same content. One is just a continually animated version of the other. I can't understand why this occurs. They appear when I go into "Edit Worksheet" mode. But yet they cannot be seen when NOT in edit mode.


Thank you for your time!

Tim Brzezinski

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It's very difficult to keep an overview in a lot of objects there change with e.

Maybe this help you a little bit:

Until e<=10 all is OK

If e => 10.01 then a lot of objects are undefined.


I think because a line or arc is not complete produce in this time an intersection is undefined. Maybe "only" a name is wrong.


You needs to redefine F_1 as (depending exactly how the user drags the slider) it might be that you need the second intersection point of d_1 and f''_1



  1. F_1 = Intersect[d_1,f''_1,1]


  1. IntPoint1=Intersect[d_1,f''_1,1]
  2. IntPoint2=Intersect[d_1,f''_1,2]
  3. F_1=If[IsDefined[IntPoint1],IntPoint1,IntPoint2]

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