Script version 5.0451.0 broken at

Ross Kaffenberger shared this question 4 years ago

We had been pointing our production app at until we noticed the script errors out in our browser: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input

Our cached version 5.0.420.0 at that url was working until the script was implicitly upgraded to 5.0451.0.

Switching to for version 5.0451.0 fixed the issue.

Why does is our original url ( broken?

Should we be using the CDN version from now on?

Is there a version-based URL we can use to avoid breaking changes?


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1 is the correct URL; please don't use any other version

If you want to keep on a particular version then you can use the Math Apps Bundle or use applet.setHTML5Codebase()


Thanks for the information.

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