Screen size Feature Requests

acron shared this question 9 years ago
Needs Answer

Many of my recent apps are optimized for use with IWB. Every time I load I am asked to optimize for a smaller screen.

a) There should be an option to indicate screen size rather than saying one should resize for smaller screens.

b) There should be a link to a page discussing optimum screen sizes for various devices, this will be difficult due to the multiple screen sizes...7", 9-10", net book size, Win RT size, desk top, IWB.

c) The language option should default to the users locale when uploading documents to save time; I have set the option needed to go back to the original page and it reverted to the default select a language... :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:


BTW, editing files online with two graphics screens destroys the screen settings...

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