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Timo Budarz shared this problem 3 years ago
Not a Problem

This may not be accurately categorized as a problem, but in a sense for me it is... and certainly for anyone wishing to use very large or small numbers in their calculations. I find it frustrating that there doesn't seem to be any way within GeoGebra to force large and small numbers to be displayed as scientific notation.

Am I wrong that there is no such option? If so, why not? This seems like a simple and useful option that should exist in software that is otherwise so capable of so many things.



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I saw that function, but having such a function does not allow easy viewing of values in scientific notation within the algebra view unless I use that function every time a value is entered. I would maintain that every handheld calculator does better than this.

It seems there should be an option to display all values in a sensible way such that they will be displayed using scientific notation by default - without the use of a function. I don't think using a function to see a value I enter in a readable way is a solution to a problem.

What I mean is that I should be able to enter something as simple as a=1E-9 and see it as such in the algebra view. When to revert to scientific notation (how large a number and how small a number) should be in settings.


1 entitled Scientific Notation in Algebra View. I used global settings of 13 decimal places.

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