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Jean Meier shared this question 2 years ago

We used a Geogebra whiteboard template to create a lesson. There was no obvious way to save it to be able to use the lesson again.

At another time I tried creating a copy of my whiteboard template lesson and once I had a screen that said "Copy of..." there was a "Save" link on the top right of the screen. However using this link did not save what I had created on the whiteboard. It saved a blank whiteboard.

What is the best way to save a Geogebra whiteboard template?

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Do you mean something created with

You need to be logged in GeoGebra if you want to save it on your profile page.

Then, select the main menu on top left (three stacked segments), and select Save.

A dialog window appears, allowing you to choose a name for the activity, as well as its visibility (Private or Shared).

Unfortunately, the GeoGebra worksheets are currently not saved in your Notes activity, but the developers are fixing this bug.

If you want to save it locally, on your device, select the menu icon on top left, then Download as, and select your favourite format. If you choose slides (.ggs) the file is saved in native Notes format, and can be opened in the app, using Menu->Open


We were getting into the Notes screen using the Whiteboard templates that we linked to from the Home page. That template doesn't have the same menu. However, when I use the Notes link you gave me, the menu is there. Issue solved. Thank you.

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