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Saving app after upload

Marco Rainaldi shared this question 1 year ago

I have currently been creating ggb files on the desktop version of Geogebra 6 and then uploading them to Geogebra. After uploading them, if I open the activity in the app, make changes, and then save, the file never saves to the same file.

The save prompt always changes the file name to Untitled.

I have already shared the activity link with other teachers, and it means that I have to edit the links every time I make an edit to the activity.

This doesn't seem to happen if I create the activity on Geogebra web version. Is this a bug?

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I’m not sure about your procedure.

I suppose that you select Edit activity from the three dots menu of the activity, then click on the pencil icon above the app, then select Edit applet, at the end of your changes push Done, then select Save and Close.

Am I correct?

This should work. I do this multiple times every day, and the activity link remains the same.


Make sure to select “Done” after applying your changes.


For example with this app.

I created it with the most recent Geogebra 6 Classic desktop (file is attached). I upload it, and then choose to "open in app" from the three dots on the resource page (see snip).

Then when I got to save, I get what shows in snip2.

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