Saving an Animated Gif, But Only Option is to Save As .ggb File

eugbug shared this question 1 year ago

I have a button setup with a single script command that uses the ExportImage command to save an animated GIF. However when I click the button, the save dialog appears, but the only file type option is .ggb. When I click the button, GeoGebra crashes. A file called "image.gif.ggb" is actually created. I tried renaming it to image1.gif, thinking it's a file naming but, but it's still unreadable.

This is the script command. "Angle" is a slider object. I've reduced the number of steps of the slider to about 6 to simplify and not cause other issues.

ExportImage("filename", "image.gif", "type", "gif", "slider", angle, "loop", true, "time", 200, "width", 400)

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If I do the same thing using the online application, it works fine.

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