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marcomanetta shared this question 6 months ago

Is it possible to save a text and then retrieve it in a ggb app?

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- If you copy the text to your OS Clipboard, you can paste it into another ggb app later, or

- you can copy the text into a Notepad (or similar) app, and save it for the future ;) or

- you can open a new GeoGebra window (while still in ggb), select the text to copy with a click, use the shortcut Ctrl+C, click in the Graphic View of your new app and use the shortcut Ctrl+V to paste it there.

Of course the copy operation doesn't copy dynamic references to objects.


I did not explain myself well. What I wanted is a way for the user of a ggb app to save a text that he typed, for example, into an input field and then retrieve it on next use. Something like the local storage of javascript.

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