Save files on local disc: Please provide a real desktop version

ggbuser shared this problem 2 years ago
Not a Problem

Dear developers

First: gbb is really awesome, but version 6 is.... well...

As you can see, the forum is crowded with questions about saving files. I once wrote an email about this issue and received the answer that "users want to work online" and that its not a problem. I guess you see the answer now...

Please provide a proper desktop version (as before) allowing to save a file with one command. People are not 24h online and might not want to share their files on a cloud each time.

When editing a file offline it is horribly annoying to each time 1. open the menu, 2. search "download as ggb", 3. click another dialog field, 4. making sure that the filename is correct (it suggests just a dummy name instead of the actual file name). 5. Last but not least I have to confirm each time that yes, I want to overwrite the existing file.

Politely spoken, this is not user friendly. I hope ggb stays open source and will not cost $$$ suddenly. The software is really awesome and definitely has a huge economic potential. Just please don't tell the users how to use their disk space...

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If you don't like Classic 6, you're free to use Classic 5. Further developings are done in html and features as Classroom or Notes or the intelligent features of the inputfield like special points or tables are done in the apps, but nobody is prohibiting you to use Classic 5. As a matter of facts, when I'm making files with a lot of scripting or lots of conditional issues I'm using GG5 too. So the thing is: jus tuse the version that suits tha way you want to use GeoGebra for.


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