Rotate a circle and set a point on the target. does not work properly

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let alpha= alpha+90°

-->p does not follow the angle!

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When P is created with the command P=Point(c') then ggb set the Point to the closest Point of c' to origine. Exception: If Center(c') == origine then P is set to the rotated angle of c'

If the created point P is set/moved to any point on c' and then the angle change, then P rotate relative syncron with the angle.


Tested in ggb 5.0.592 and ggb 6.0.692 WEB

I cant see any bug.


Describe what you want to achieve, there is probably a solution to it.



If it is not necessary that P can be moved manually (is not a free point), then you can use

Q=Point(d',0.75) and d'=Rotate(d,<alpha>,Midpoint(d))

Where 0.75 is the path parameter at clock 12:00

Files: rotC.ggb
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