Reutilize buttons in applets already made

Pablo J. Gonzalez Mora shared this question 3 years ago

I have two buttons: New Problem and Evaluate. Every one with a short scripts. Is there any way of to reuse that buttons in applets already developed? Maybe add them inside a custom tool? (I couldn't achieve this). Or another way?I know there are .xml code for copy and paste the definition of these objects, but it could be unfriendly for my colleagues and me.


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I usually create a template file containing the main action objects that I need (like buttons, etc...), and start a new activity using that template file.

If you are using GeoGebra Classic 5 you can insert a file into another: see


Hi, Simona.

Yes, I am making my template file for new activities.

I tested your method with GeoGebra 5: It works very nicely.

Thanks a lot.

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