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Jaime shared this idea 2 years ago


Sorry, it's an electronic translation from Spanish.

1: Add please an additional field in LABEL of the axes to mark the negative side, in this way you avoid manually placing an -X, -Y text in each file or new work session. This request is important for the creation of documents of first level subjects in geometry and mathematics where it is required to identify each part of the real line, that is, to explicitly show both the positive and negative axes.

2: Option to place the units only below the axis label field, this way saves space because the unit is not in all numbers.

3: The buttons of zoom [+] [-] , Home and full screen, to be able to place them in the bar of play buttons to take cleaner screenshots, or in a bar that collapses or unfolds. (hide, show) [+] [-] Home ...

4: for the vector and other objects, option to place the name, caption or value in the same direction as the object, that is, following the angle of inclination of the object

an idea of how these little changes would look in the following image, sorry I used a simple image editor.

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Sorry, we won't be adding those features to the core of GeoGebra. You can already do most of them with dynamic texts and the RotateText() command


si no das con el quid de alguna y quieres saber cómo hacerlo pregunta de una en una especificando exactamente lo que quieres y hacemos alguna prueba

por ejemplo el numero dos es facil. usa solo numeros para los tick y etiequeta el eje en sus propiedades con la letra de la unidad que desees


Hello Mr. Jaime,

I do Not understand why your request To improve The quality of Geogebra was marked with "rejcted".

I Think You only write some useful tips from The Point of view of an user.

I do Not understand, i'm so embarrassed....


si quieres saber como hacer cada una de ellas pregunta una por post,

pero eso, no tener que hacerlo en cada trabajo, solo es posible si creas y abres un archivo GGB creado para no tener que hacerlo manualmente, ten en cuenta que si lo añades al corazon de GG y alguien no lo desea añadido entonces lo tendria que quitar

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