Request Feature :Returning object's name for given construction step number

lewws shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration


Currently we have Geogebra command.

ConstructionStep[ <Object> ]Returns the Construction Protocol step for the given object as a number.

But no such Geogebra command/feature to return the name of the object for a given construction step number :-


Can we have the above feature?

In Javascript inside Geogebra, we have

String getObjectName(int i)

Returns the name of the n-th object of the construction.

But "n-th object of construction (historical) is not the same as the construction step in construction protocol

which changes if user changes which appear first (parent objects)

Would like to have inside Geogebra's Javascript API

int getConstructionStep(String Object Name)

to return the construction step (of construction protocol for a given object name.Having this in Javascript will give faster manipulation of large number of objects in a single file.

In file attached below, the scripts in button with caption "Deleting Constructions....." runs very slowly in deleting objects after a certain step number in the applet.With the above 2 proposed features/commands, faster computation/loops.

Best regards,lewws

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