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As for now, you could create a book consisting of one chapter in math-course such as Geometry and then chapters consisting of subcontents from the geometry section. E.g. Geometry (book) and area/volym as chapters. However it would be convenient to have the entire course under one book. eg Math 2 (the book), Algebra/Geometry/Functions (as chapters) and then expressions (as subchapter under Algebra), etc....

Would it be possible to add this functionality in Geogebra books?

Thanks for all the work and effort you put into the GeoGebra-movment!

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Thank you for all the great work you're doing.

I actually wanted to ask the same question. I'm working on my PhD now (in Maths Education) and need to put together a resource that needs to be divided into more than "chapter" and "worksheets". If I use LaTeX terminology, it's Chapter, Section, Subsection and Subsubsection (and the worksheets in the subsubsections) in order to organise my materials nicely. I know it's a lot to ask but will this be possible to do in the near future, or will I need to research for another way to display my resource (which would be a shame as I'm a real GeoGebra fan - and a translator in Bulgarian).

Looking forward to a response.

TIA, Nadia


Sorry, that's probably not something we'll be adding

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