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Mads Frederik Toft shared this question 4 years ago
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This is a repost: MS Office Powerpoint latest version will not allow to sign into my account via Office plugin. I can load the plugin fine, but when I push sign-in I am taken to the profile login-in screen, and give it my login details. But after I push login, I am taken to blank screen and nothing happen. The plugin doesn't allow to login into my Geogebra account, making the plugin useless currently.

Anyone know if the makers of the plugin are aware of this?

I use latest MS Office and latest MS Windows 10.

p.s. Have tried to set both Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer as default browser. But it doesn't fix the problem. Even disabled and enabled third party cookies. And disabled my Norton Firewall/Antivirus. It doesn't fix the problem.

And I was hoping to use the plugin for a work-related presentation :(

Hope anyone have an idea?

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I've redirected your post to the Support Team. :)

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