Replace shared activity

Moti Ben-Ari shared this question 1 year ago

I have shared activities and now I want to modify them.

I made the changes on local copies, but I can't see how to upload them to replace the existing activities.

Alternatively, I could edit a shared activity directly, but when I do so in "Open in app" and save the changes, it creates a new activity.

Is there any solution aside from deleting the activity and sharing the modified one? The problem with that is that the URL will change.

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Go to the activity and select the Edit option clicking on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then you can change anything in the activity, from title to text and applets. Any item in the activity will show the edit option when moving your mouse above it. If you save the activity will be saved with the existing url. This is the only way.




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