Removable discontinuity in negative x

Anna shared this problem 2 years ago
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When using geogebra cas if I plot for example f(x)=(x-3)/((x-3)(x+1)) it correctly shows the eliminable discontinuity at x=3.

If instead I plot f(x)=(x+3)/((x+3)(x+1)) it does not show the discontinuity at x=-3.

I've checked and it seems to happen with all the eliminable discontinuities in negative x's.

I'm working on windows 10 and chrome but I have also checked in the Geogebra Cas app for the mobile phone.

Thanks for your great work!


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There's definitly a problem depending on versions of GG. I tried myself what you described in GG6.609 and there was no problem. I uploaded it and there too, no problem. Then I 'downloaded' theGG6-version as ggb, opening it in GG5 version 5.619 and there it didn't work while uploading... until I clicked on view and then again the command worked. Anyway I just checked that the commmand works in the webversion (Classic) for negative numbers too, so I guess it's a matter of using the most recent version.

Online working in

Online first not working until clicking on the View icon


Added the file that didn't ork in GG5.619 for me. Perhaps opening it in whatever version it work...


Thanks, we'll fix that soon!

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