Remaining ETC-centers

cloz54 shared this idea 8 years ago


I have the remaining ETC-centers trilinear coordinates (3054-5641) in text format (not accesible from Geogebra).

Somebody interested in adding them to newer versions?

Or, a better idea:

Any suggestion for creating a tool TriangleCenter2[A,B,C,n] capable to draw these new centers from its coordinates and using the Trilinear[] command?

I have unsuccesfully tried several ways to build this.

For the tool, I have put the coordinates as a list of strings in order to avoid that 3x(2500+) values be calculated when the tool is loaded (it would take a very long time). I can't understand why the tool works ok inside the ggb but not when it is loaded from a ggt.

Thanks and regards,

César Lozada

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Interesting. Perhaps the developers could make a summer school project out of it?

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