regression not working

Rune Klarskov Jensen shared this problem 6 years ago
Not a Problem

Input field: h(x)=b*a^x

I created list og points list1 from the spread sheets:

0.00000000000000 6.60000000000001

1.00000000000000 9.10000000000001

2.00000000000000 16.0000000000000

3.00000000000000 22.0000000000000

4.00000000000000 40.0000000000000

5.00000000000000 70.0000000000000

6.00000000000000 100.000000000000

7.00000000000000 137.000000000000

Fit[list1, h(x)]

yields these parameters: 8.2176*1.5018^x

But I should have gotten


The last result I got with the command: FitGrowth[list1]

And I allso got the same result using another program, Maple and Nspire.

Hope you have som feedback.

Best regards,

Rune Klarskov Jensen

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That is that the last result was confirmed from the other programs :)


There are two ways to get the best fit for exponential functions: using FitExp or using Fit. Please see for details.

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