Referencing objects in text fails

rugk shared this problem 2 years ago

I try to reference multiple objects in a text (line, point etc.). However it only worked the first few (=2) times I've tried that.

Afterwards (I switched to LaTeX and back and such things), it broke and now I cannot add the references anymore. I can edit the previously added ones though.

Also, in a newly added text box it also seems to work.


It loggs this into the console:

Object { j: null, backingJsObject: TypeError, "$H": 224443 } injectedScript:1:20563">calculator line 9 > injectedScript:1:20563

Firefox 85

Linux/Fedora 33

Edit: It seems to be related to (Linux) line ending. Because if I add a line break in the text the next click on a object to add does not work anymore, and all subsequent clicks.

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Thanks, we'll check!


Fixed for next release

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