Reduced tool collection in graphing calculator (iOS)?

Sebastian Voß shared this question 2 years ago


when i use the Geogebra Graphing Calculator in the browser or under Android or Windows I can choose the geometry tab with the geometry tools, scroll down to the end und choose "More", so I get the whole collection of geometry tools, that Geogebra provides. But when I do the same in the Geogebra Graphing Calculator under iOS there is no option for more tools. It's even impossible to create a simple line.

The version is 5.0.567.

Addition: Now I read in the app description that the geometric tools have been removed to achieve a better comparability to classic GTR. Nevertheless there are still geometrical tools available. Will it stay that way? And is it planned to remove many geometry tools also under Windows and Android?

Frankly speaking, this poses further problems, because the connection of mathematical representations and procedures becomes more and more difficult when the individual apps are very much restricted to one procedure. Geogebra Classic is actually best positioned in this respect, but cannot be used effectively without a exam mode - also because the interface is structured quite differently from that of the other apps. Is this still being worked on?

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我什至无法在Windows GeoGebraGraphing中创建线段。


You need GeoGebra Classic (or the Geometry Calculator for this.

GeoGebra Graphing calculator is more like an handheld calculator, and it has been modified during time to make it compliant with the requirements and restrictions of exams.

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