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NeilDickson shared this question 7 years ago

I am working on this;

and have realized I have messed up. I want to change the sampling type to sampling with replacement in matrix 1.

When I try this I get a redefinition error. Is there an easy way to fix this rather than starting again. I get this issue occasionally.

Many thanks


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Possibly a bug, we'll check.

In the meantime I've changed your file (by changing the raw XML), attached :)


Hi Michael,

I encounter this bug today :

But I can't reproduce it simply...

Bug appear when I want to use sequence 3D,

and I want to redefine an object : line or slider...

Hope to help...

attached file don't work (don't open...)

It's just an example...


@Neil: the problem happens when you try to redefine sequence with variable name that is used as label for another object, in your case j. The redefine mechanism then tries to "fix" the construction order by pushing matrix1 after j, which is impossible. It is a bug but in GeoGebra but you can avoid it by chosing another variable name.

@Patrick: for some reason your file contains a half-defined 3D conic: it should open with the next release. It's a differen bug.



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