Recent worksheets and books not shown and not found anymore

ccambre shared this problem 4 years ago

this morning I noticed that a serie of recent books and worksheets aren't shown anymore in the overview, neither are they shown in search results. Some of them I had linked in my own website and this link still works, so the files still exist. But when I type the titles of them they're not shown in my search results on the Materials Platform: eg.:

stelling van Morley :

Underwood Dudley :

stelling van Marden :

Today I uploaded some new files and books. The last ones I made are shown, but again the first ones I made today are gone once again.

Can you give a look at this?

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Heres' two screenshots of the overview of my latest materials.

In the view 'modified' there's a gap between '23 hours ago' and the 13th of januari.

In the view 'created' the latest creation is dated 7 days ago, although the materials 'modified 23 hours ago' were also new.

So a serie of files isn't shown, and every time I make new ones, other recent ones are hidden even for me, public or not and I can't find them to link or share even while typing the exact title in search.



there are now at least 4 threads open on this subject - here are the other 3

i hope the problem is being investigated as i want to link to my work - i believe it is


There was a temporary problem with the search index which is fixed now. You should be able to find all your worksheets again.


indeed, all is back again!

many thanks


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