Real frustration defining the bounding box

bernd.wechner shared this problem 1 year ago

I love Geogebra. What an awesome tool.

The one thing that persistently frustrates me is no easy (or obvious) way to simply type in the bounding box definition. There's a clipping box, and there are axes and on neither can I say for example I want -1 to 1 or what range I want. And numerically I am always confronted with useful ranges and never able to enter them constrained to fumble around with mouse and keyboard trying to set up a nice image.

It's enough to leave me searching for an alternative tool alas.

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try ZoomIn( <Min x>, <Min y>, <Min z>,<Max x>, <Max y>,<Max z> )

the tips are uncomplete


That sounds superbly awesome! It a) needs to be more obvious both in the UI and b) here. i.e. how and where do I use the ZoomIn command? Forgive me that it's not obvious to me.


type ZoomIn( <Min x>, <Min y>, <Min z>,<Max x>, <Max y>,<Max z> ) in input bar

I suposse you are using the clasic 5 or 6 version

for viewing the input bar clic on menu-->view-->input bar


Thanks, but I can't see that anywhere. I',m using GoeGebra on-line, and the 3D Calculator. Here's an example:

This for example needs constraining with:

ZoomIn( -1, -1, -6, 1, 1, 0)

But I can't see where I'd type that. There's a menu button on the top left corner, but it has no View submenu.

So I explored a little and found Geogebra Classic under apps and there I found it! And could produce:

Wow! Now I would love to know how to scale axes ;-). I'd like scale Z down for example. I'll explore Classic. But I am puzzled. Why is the 3D Calculator worse (feature wise) than Classic? And why was none of this clear form a luddite UX ;-). Puzzles me.

Thank you so much for your pointers so far! Turns my productivity with Geogebra around! As it rocks in so many ways!


Hmmm, found SetAxesRatio. Werks well. Alas ZoomIn is flakey and doesn't work properly.

There's a zoom, and there's a clipping box. I need it clipped to those limits as this function goes wile outside of its valid range. Alas this pair of commands:

ZoomIn(-1, -1, -6, 1, 1, 0)

does weird stuff together. Once the AxesRatio is set the ZoomIn goes haywire. Sad :-(.


in GG calculator type ZoomIn( -1, -1, -6, 1, 1, 0) in normal input for formulas then pressing shift key drag the zAxis with the mouse

also you can try

ZoomIn( -1, -1, -36, 1, 1, 0) for seeing the chair points

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